The Raven that Refused to Sing


Here we all are born into a struggle
To come so far but end up returning to dust
Oxfam panache and tips his hat
(laces undone)
He has no truck with idle chat
(work to be done)
The songs he learned from scratched LPs
Stops in mid-flow to sip his tea
He strums the chords with less than grace
(songs we all know)
Each passing year etched on his face
(sun, rain or snow)
The words he sings are not his own
They speak of things heí ll never know

Drive Home

Cold windowpane
A car upturned in the rain
Wait on in vain
Donít try to bear the blame
Deal with the pain
Dust down your wings again
You need to clear away all the jetsam in your brain
And face the truth
Well love can make amends
While the darkness always ends
Youíre still alone
So drive home
A pause without end
A moment in time suspends
How could she leave?
Release all your guilt and grieve
Give up your pain
Hold up your head again†

The Holy Drinker

The Holy Drinker and his curse
In constant serfage to unquenchable thirst
And from his stupor the night gives birth
The devil rises from right out of the earth
With shaking hands and blackened heart
The glass his pours, this time itís also the last
In rapt communion with himself
The Holy Drinker is going straight in to hell
The coffin was made from a tree
Please hammer a nail in for me
The bottle slipped right through
Plague pits
Now underground
Take me down
Put me in chains

The Pin Drop

Carried away by the river that passes
through bulrushes on to the sea
Dragged by the current to rest on the stakes
of the breakwater shaded by trees
Beginnings and endings, love intersecting
a rift that will break us apart
Love learned
In turn
Dreams burned
I am tired of struggling
And the rain is beating down on me
I tried to be the way that he wanted me to be
I did not hear the pin drop down
I did not hear my heart
I have not lived and loved enough
Things are left unsaid, undone
It was not to meant to be like this
Drifting off without a kiss
We built our love, we built our ark
Nothing ends before it starts
I cannot feel my arms and legs
I donít deserve this bitter end

The Watchmaker

The watchmaker works all day, and long into the night
He pieces together despite his failing sight
Though all the cogs connect with such poetic grace
Time has left its curse upon this place
Each hour becomes another empty space to fill
Wasted with the care and virtues of his skill
The watchmaker buries something deep within his thoughts
A shadow on the staircase of someone from before
This thing is broken now and cannot be repaired
Fifty years of compromise and aging bodies shared
Eliza dear, you know thereís something I should say
I never really loved you but Iíll miss you anyway
You were just meant to be temporary while I waited for gold
We filled up the years and I found that I liked having someone to hold
But for you I had to wait
Until one day it was too late
Cogs and levers mesh
We are bound in death
Melt the silver down
Iím still inside you

The Raven that Refused to Sing

Sing for me
Sing for me
You can come with me
You can live with me
Heal my soul
Make me whole
(the raven sings in a dream)
Sister I lost you
When you were still a child
But I need you now
And I need our former life
Iím afraid to wake
Iím afraid to love
Just because Iím weak
You can steal my dreams
You can reach inside my head
And you can put your song there instead
Please come to me
Please stay with me
Sing to me raven
I miss her so much
Sing to me Lily
I miss you so much

Out Track


Always the tourist departing
His ghost in her heart

She surrendered
The invisible arms
That held her all the same
But even the distance
Belonged to them

In the cruel afterwards
She remembers
The need that is better without him
A song without sadness
She lays back on her bed
A soul incomplete
Without him

She knows
She must let go
So she hugs her small body
Until the failing of the day
Drags her to sleep
And the loneliness numbs

Through her love and her hate
She ignites
His ghost in her arms
She holds him again
The one that did not know what he had
Until it was lost

Graphic elements are from CSS Zen Garden theme by Pierre Antoine Viallon (Creative Commons license), Lasse Hoile†and Porcupine Tree.