PT Live in Berlino 26/10/2009


The Incident:

-Occam's Razor-
-The Blind House-
-Great Expectations-
-Kneel and Disconnect-
-Drawing The Line-
-The Incident-
-Your Unpleasant Family-
-The Yellow Windows of the Evening Train-
-Time Flies-
-Degree Zero of Liberty-
-Octane Twisted-
-The Seance-
-Circle of Manias-
-I Drive The Hearse-


The Start Of Something Beautiful
Russia On Ice ( Part one )
Anesthetize ( Middle section )
Strip The Soul / .3
Bonnie The Cat


The Sound of Muzak
Trains - ( dopo 1 minuto salta una corda a Steven, ci scherza sopra , arriva un'altra chitarra uguale, chiede a Wesley un paio di note per accordarla al volo e ricomincia )

Foto e Set List di Andrea Ramunno

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