Side-Projects of Porcupine Tree Member

Every member of the band has got some side projects apart from Porcupine Tree; this could be a consequence of the fact that many ideas of a single artist can’t find room in the band, or could create a conflict which could mislead the whole band in another genre. Therefore this ideas can be developed in different projects, as for example Steven Wilson – an incredible mine of creativity - who, in order to set free his more soft melancholic and dark side, gave life to his last band called Blackfield, to the Continuum, and going back to bands created in the past, he plays with No-Man, Bass Communion and I.E.M.; then as a solo artist he is involved in some cover version and in other works (even as a producer for band such as Opeth or Anathema).
Richard Barbieri is involved in different genres too, like the Indigo Fall where he collaborates with his wife Suzanne, and even as a solo artist, while Colin Edwin finds room for his ideas with the Random Noise Generator and the ex-Wise Heads. Last but not least Gavin Harrison worked as a solo artist and with 05Ric. John Wesley – who is not a “real” member of the band, but plays live in PT’s concert since 2002 – did some works as a solo artist.

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