The Love, Death & Mussolini

1990 Si tratta di una cassetta di 40 minuti stampata in forma privata in sole 10 copie. Contiene 7 canzoni che appaiono in "Nostalgia Factory" più Out (più tardi inclusa in Yellow Headgerow Dreamscape vinil edition) e "It Will Rain for A Million Years", questa canzone è introvabile ovunque ed è completamente differente dalla versione che appare su "On The Sunday Of Life". In questo caso la cassetta è autografata da Steven Wilson.

                          The Love, Death & Mussolini Cassetta

Cassette: Private Cassette [deleted]

Players: Porcupine Tree – Vocal, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass.
Sir Tarquin Underspoon – Organ, Mellotron, Keyboards. Expanding Flan – Drums, Percussion. Solomain St. Jemain – Glissando Guitar and Vocals on "Queen Quotes Crowley". JC Camillioni – Programming, Soundscapes.

 Side A – The Extended Player
1. Hymn
2. Footprints
3. Linton Samuel Dawson
4. And The Swallows Dance Above the Sun
5. Queen Quotes Crowley

Side B – The Long Player
1. No Luck With Rabbits
2. Begonia Seduction Scene
3. Out
4. It Will Rain For A Million Years

Credit: All tracks written by Steven Wilson except tracks A2, A3, A4, and B4 written by Wilson/Duffy, Tracks of A1-A5 recorded at No Man's Land and Periscope Station spring – summer 1989. Produced by JC Camillioni and Porcupine Tree at Hidden Art. Track B1 recorded at Periscope Station, spring 1989. The entire sound content of the piece is a recording of a musical box. This recording is then speeded up, slowed down, reversed and overdubbed several times to create the final musical experience. Track B2 is a fragment from a 4 track demo recorded at Periscope Station in October 1987. Tree plays the guitars while Underspoon cranks his mellotron up. Track B3 recorded live in Paris July 14, 1989 and overdubbed and remixed at No Man's Land, October 1989. Track B4 recorded at No Man's Land, October 1989 Produced by JC Camillioni and Porcupine Tree for Hidden Art Productions.

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