Deadwing  ( 2Lp )

2 LP: US Gates of Dawn – GOD 009  Aprile 2005.

( In questo caso la copertina è firmata dalla band al completo ).

Side A:
1. Deadwing
2. Shallow
3. Lazarus
Side B:
1. Halo
2. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
Side C:
1. Mellotron Scratch
2. Open Car
3. The Start Of Something Beautiful
Side D:
1. Glass Arm Shattering
2. So Called Friend
3. Half-Light

Le edizioni in Lp contengono 2 canzoni in più rispetto alla versione in Cd prese dal singolo Lazarus. In aggiunta un poster.

Players: Steven Wilson – Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Hammered Dulcimer, Bass. Richard Barbieri – Keyboards and Synthesizers Colin Edwin – Bass Guitar. Gavin Harrison – Drums and Percussion.

( vinile blu limited edition 700 copie )

( Vinile rosso limited edition 700 copie )

( Vinile nero limited edition 600 copie )

Guests: Adrian Belew – Solo Guitar on 1 and 4, Mickael Akerfeldt – Harmony Vocals on 1, 3, 5, Second solo on 5.

Deadwing is based on a screenplay by Steven Wilson and Mike Bennion

Photography by Lasse Hoile, Artwork and montage by Mike Bennion Design by Carl Glover for Aleph.

Deadwing CD

CD: EU Lava / Atlantic Records – 7567-93437-2 Marzo 2005.

( In questo caso la copertina è autografata dalla band ).

1. Deadwing
2. Shallow
3. Lazarus
4. Halo
5. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
6. Mellotron Scratch
7. Open Car
8. The Start Of Something Beautiful
9. Glass Arm Shattering

Deadwing 2 CD ( Special Edition )

( In questo caso la copertina è firmata dalla band al completo ).

2 CD: EU Lava / Atlantic Records – 75679-38272-6 (Special Edition).


Questa particolare edizione speciale contiene 2 CD uno stereo ed uno in 5.1 dolby surround, sono contenuti in un libricino di 72 pagine dalla copertina di cartone duro. In aggiunta come traccia 10 il pezzo Shesmovedown.

Deadwing DVD Audio

DVD: US Lava / DTS Entertainment – 69286-01130-9-1 (NTSC)

Credits: Produced and mixed by Steven Wilson Additional production by Gavin Harrison and Richard Barbieri. Recorded in England between March-Oct 2004 at No Man's Land, The Artillery, Bourne Place, New Rising, RAK, Astoria, and Livingstone. Some elements retained from demos recorded 2003-04. Additional guitar recording by Paul Northfield (thanks also to George Schilling) Mastered by Andy Dette at Masterdisk, 5.1 version mixed by Elliot Scheiner and SW and mastered at Sony Mastering by Darcy Proper. Music and lyrics by Steven Wilson, except "Halo" and "Glass Arm Shattering" – music by Porcupine Tree and "The Start Of Something Beautiful" – music by Steven Wilson and Gavin Harrison.

Bonus Material (Exclusive DTS Surround Music):
10. Revenant
11. Mother & Child Divided
12. Half-Light

Deadwing 2 CD ( Japanese Edition )

2 CD : WHD Entertainment, Inc  Marzo 2006.

La versione Giapponese di Deadwing, contiene un bonus disk, con le seguenti tracce:

Bonus disck:

- Even Less
- Pure Narcotic
- How Is Your Life Today
- Buying New Soul
- Russia on Ice (live, from "Warszawa")
- Blackest Eyes
- Trains (edit)
- Open Car
- Lazarus (single edit)
- Halo (live)

Graphic elements are from CSS Zen Garden theme by Pierre Antoine Viallon (Creative Commons license), Lasse Hoile and Porcupine Tree.