posted by Evaristo on 19-02-2007

Ecco alcuni commenti sull'album Blackfield II selezionati dalla We Put Out Records di riviste rock europee:

- an album you can listen to again and again ... an utterly compelling and enthralling listen 8/10 Classic Rock, UK

- with its impeccable songwriting and heartfelt, emotive performances this is simply another complete triumph from the duo CMU, UK

- Ladies & Gentlemen, I've already chosen my CD of the Year! 98/100 Aardshock, Holland

- songs with exquisite taste and crystal clear production 3.5/4 Mondo Sonoro, Spain

- impressive songs come one after the other, and the chorus not only stick in your head, they grow with every listen. They don't need to be labeled, just people with open mind, with no horizons 9/10 Rock Zone, Spain

- Wilson and Geffen have a huge talent for melodies? These guys are incredible, delicious pop with prog traces 4/5 World Music, Spain

- high-class superior pop music' 8/10 Eclipsed, Germany

- Wonderful! Guitar, Germany

- A monument of beauty, serenity and positive attitude!? 11/12 (special tip of the issue!) Heavy, Germany

- Music with gigantic feelings! 8.5/10 Rock Hard, Germany

- A prog pop record way over average! (one of the records of the month) Slam, Germany

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