Coma Divine Fanzine N°4



Here we are with our fourth effort with the Coma Divine Fanzine, and I take this opportunity to thank all the staff for their commitment to the project, even though our lives are doing their best to distract us from this great passion that unites us. Starting from the provoking and provocative cover, made by me, in which an oriental figure from feminine traits relax comfortably on a couch, surrounded by all she needs, her music, her recordsÉ one of which she feels particularly attached to, in fact she holds in her hands, on her chest, close to her heart, looking towards the sky with a look between supplication and bliss, she feels grateful to him whom, from the depths of his being, such wonderful art has crafted. The issue contains a good nine pages of our signature comics, between manga cartoons and reality, by our visionary cartoonist Barbara Mancini, where is revealed the secret of the protagonists: the alien. There is also the wonderful poster of the two Italian dates of the Steven Wilson gigs, made by the Incredible Expanding Mind of our graphic Silvia Manganelli. In the interviews department, we find those to Steven Wilson and Colin Edwin made by me and Domizia Parri (the first) and as usual by me and Francesca Savina (the second), while pics are by our indomitable photographer Francesca Savina. As for the reviews, check put the Hand. Cannot. Erase. one by our poet Paola Macchiavello and the other by the composer from Naples Paolo Pagnani. While the contrasting opinion of Glauco Costantini puts an end to all doubts about the new work of the North Atlantic Oscillation. Last, but not least the Shopping tips; while you might notice that the background on which we mention our credits is a photo of the painting (oil on canvas) depicting the poster on the inside of the double vinyl album of Porcupine Tree "Deadwing" made by the indefatigable and ubiquitous painter Domizia Parri. I also thank Fabia Petiti for transcripts and Angela Angelico for online support on our portal

Good Reading,

Evaristo Salvi


Graphic elements are from CSS Zen Garden theme by Pierre Antoine Viallon (Creative Commons license), Lasse Hoile and Porcupine Tree.