Ex - Wise Heads


The ex wise heads formed in 1997 with the meeting of two musicians: Colin Edwin ( who plays fretted and fretless bass, acoustic bass, giumbri, guitar, saz, keyboards, programminge) Geoff Leigh (saxophone, flutes, Zither, keyboards, bells, Shakers and electronics). From that year they released four albums and one Ep, bringing their music in many festivals but mostly in the south-est of England. Other musicians that took part in this project are Ian Dixion (trumpet), Rick Edwards (drums and percussions) and Rajan Spolia (guitar). Their works are on sale on line on the “burning shed” site, while you can listen to some of their songs on their page of Myspace.


Liquid Assets ( 2007 )

  1 Another Spark  6.20
  2 Subumbrella  3.30
  3 Up Streaming  5.16
  4 Liquid Assets  4.24
  5 Delta Waves  8.47
  6 Ungrounded Certainties  6.21
  7 No Words Necessary  5.27
  8 Open Source  6.11
  9 Recurrent  5.45
10 Deafmute  3.27
11 Shivalingam  7.43

Note: Colin Edwin: Fretted/Fretless Basses, Double Bass, Guimbri, Programming.
Geoff Leigh: Flutes, Soprano Saxophone, Jaws Harp, Voice, Noseflute.

Guests: Rick Edwards - Various Percussion, Handsonic.
Rajan Spolia - Acoustic Guitars. (Tracks 5,7,11)
Ian Dixon - Trumpet. (Tracks 3,7,9,10)

Cover Image and sculpture - Lucianne Lassalle
Design by Carl Glover for Aleph

Grouned ( Ep )

1 First Shout
2 Grounded
3 Hidden Shadows
4 The Unconscious Summons
5 Scratching

Note: Questo Ep è stato realizzato con il contributo di ospiti quali Ian Dixon, Rick Edwards alle percussioni e per la prima volta con gli Ex-Wise Heads il chitarrista Neil Soutar che ha aggiunto delicate melodie alla title track.
La foto della copertina è una scultura di Lucianne Lassalle ed il designed by Carl Glover



Holding up the Sky ( 2006 )

 1 Snowdrift
 2 Fumes
 3 Harmonic Chain
 4 Winter of Discontent
 5 Mythography
 6 Royal Flush
 7 Accidental Design
 8 Cape Spartel
 9 Termite Parade*
10 Gene Pool


Note: Colin Edwin: Electric Basses, Double Bass, Guimbri, Programming.
Geoff Leigh: Flutes, Soprano Saxophone.

Guests: Rick Edwards: Congas, various percussion.(tracks 2,4,7,8,9)
Ian Dixon: Trumpet. (tracks 4,6)

Recorded and mixed by Colin Edwin at Nightspace Studio during 2006.
All compositions (Edwin/Leigh) except * (Edwin)
Mastered by Paul Mex at Mex One Recordings.

Time and Emotion Study ( 2003 )

  1 Scotched Up 4.01
  2 Knight to Castle in the Air 4.41
  3 Hydrahead 4.43
  4 Bubbles and Baubles 3.53
  5 Don’t Walk in my Baboushes 4.51
  6 Slender Threads 6.08
  7 Billy Wood Blues 7.10
  8 Diminishing Returns 4.20
  9 Broken at Work... 2.51
10 ..Mended at Play 4.55


Note: Geoff Leigh - soprano sax, flutes, zither, keyboards, melodica, shenai, voice. Colin Edwin - electric fretless/fretted/acoustic/double basses, guimbri.
Vincent Salzfaas - berimbow,all percussion : bougarabous, brekete, djundjun, djembe, darabouka, bells, shakers, woodblocks etc.

Special Guest Peter Knight - violin and electric viola, (tracks
2,7,8,9,10).All the basic tracks were recorded live onto ADAT

All compositions Ex-Wise-Heads (Edwin/Leigh/Salzfaas)
An Ex-Wise-Heads production for Hard World.

Mixed and mastered by Simon Southgate (Mr Creative Engineering) at Swine Studios, Bexhill.Except “Slender Threads”, mixed by Steven Wilson.

No Gray Matter ( 2000 )

1 Lost Tango
2 Afro Hoe Down
3 Song For Jalil
4 Spirit Dance
5 Departure Lounge
6 All Thumbs Up
7 Cushion

Note: Questo album è la registrazione di un concerto.


Every Thing is Heare ( 1998 )

1 Alpha Waves
2 Departure Lounge
3 Dreams of China
4 Bubbles
5 Harmony Monday
6 Shell’s Bells
7 Sassy
8 Cushion
9 Dubbinnit



Note: Geoff Leigh: flutes,zither,voice,soprano saxophone,bells,shakers,
Colin Edwin: fretless bass,saz,guimbri.
Julian Franks: tablas,ghatam,djembe,darabuka.

All Tracks (Edwin/Franks/Leigh) (c) copyright control
Recorded @ Haywards Heath May - June1998
Mixed/Mastered by Geoff Leigh @ Pavillion Studios Brighton with the assitance
of Paul Mex.


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